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Cultural Self-Preservation

“Power concedes nothing without demand.  It never did and never will.” – Frederick Douglas. As multicultural and multiracial (primarily raised and identifying as Latino and Pascua Yaqui Indian) I’ve long felt compelled to offer a counter-narrative to commonly held perceptions about the Latino community. I realize of course that Latinos are not monolithic, we have […]

Sanctuary In The Sun

There’s an arroyo that cuts through the sands of time just southeast of  Tucson,  Arizona. Unlike other gorged desert paths in the region, it runs uncommonly straight. In its wake lies a littered trail of uprooted impediments, incapable of withstanding the force of monsoon downpours that pushed them to the wayside.


Culture is widely considered and accepted as the human expression of language, the arts and sciences, spirituality, and social interaction. Since time and immemorial, philosophers and social anthropologists have deliberated how these aspects of human development define us. I’m not one to challenge scholarship about humankind’s sociological comparatives. I’ll leave it to academia and history […]