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Trojan Horse

In the interim I’ll listen to only symphonic compositions, grab a two-finger scotch, or a Washington state legal marijuana joint – or both – and purge away the vocal styling and rapture of Obama-Speak.

She Works Without A Net

And so it came to be. Whether her ascent up the trapeze rope ladder was by force or by choice, she scaled intrepidly up, into the unknown.

A Rooster Tale

“So, they take this big, tough, nasty-ass rooster, too old to grill, too tough to roast…marinate and simmer the shit out of it, before it’s tasty.” – Anthony Bourdain, on the preparation of a Burgundy wine-based rooster entrée. I couldn’t have described my Latino “Pocho” life any better.

Parents Behaving Badly

You’re not your parent’s favorite child – or maybe you are – but you already knew that, didn’t you?

Foodie Philosophy

Upon completing her tutorial, she turns, reaches for and grabs the doorknob, only to discover that the door was locked.  And that’s when it hit me.