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POC – Feeling the Bern

I can’t help but marvel at the growing anti-elitist movement taking place in real time.  As a lifelong populist, left of liberal, just barely right of anarchist – I welcome the long overdue makings of a people-first political campaign. The truth of the matter is I’m less concerned with who ignited the socially conscious crusade than […]

white lie

No, not that one.  This one.  white lie noun As a person-of-color (PoC), I’ve searched for racial clarity throughout my lifetime – only to discover ambiguity in its place. I found out that being too analytical is often a way of avoiding the obvious. I inexplicably accepted as true the false premise that discussions about race, […]

In The Land Of The Blind

We on the outside looking in, see what you choose to ignore. Or to put it another way – as Tom Waits did in his song “Singapore”… “…in the land of the blind, even a one-eyed man is king.”

Cultural Self-Preservation

“Power concedes nothing without demand.  It never did and never will.” – Frederick Douglas. As multicultural and multiracial (primarily raised and identifying as Latino and Pascua Yaqui Indian) I’ve long felt compelled to offer a counter-narrative to commonly held perceptions about the Latino community. I realize of course that Latinos are not monolithic, we have […]


Culture is widely considered and accepted as the human expression of language, the arts and sciences, spirituality, and social interaction. Since time and immemorial, philosophers and social anthropologists have deliberated how these aspects of human development define us. I’m not one to challenge scholarship about humankind’s sociological comparatives. I’ll leave it to academia and history […]

Trojan Horse

In the interim I’ll listen to only symphonic compositions, grab a two-finger scotch, or a Washington state legal marijuana joint – or both – and purge away the vocal styling and rapture of Obama-Speak.

A Cowboy Thing

The old man still had some magic in him. He sat up erect, smiled, winked, picked up his sweat-stained cowboy hat that lay on the nightstand and waved it high above his head.

Pocho-Going Rogue

I discovered that the whole of me is greater than the sum of my parts and makes my story unlike most, given I chose to embrace my ethnicities entirely, not as separate distinctions capable of wielding favor or force.  I’m good with that.  I like being whole.

She Works Without A Net

And so it came to be. Whether her ascent up the trapeze rope ladder was by force or by choice, she scaled intrepidly up, into the unknown.

Madre of Puget Sound

Mother Earth does not voluntarily release its own. The land of your birth, of your youth, will force you back into its womb if you listen to its siren calls and accept its certainty and security.