Cutting the POC Cord

Speech in harmonic sermon sways and persuades congregations, and lures the agnostic among us.

Corporate Democrats

I admit it. As a brown man; as a person of color (POC), I fell for Obama’s songbook hook, line, and sinker. No need to list the duplicitous policy betrayals that have disillusioned me since every day brings new ones. I should have stayed put, remained true to my core belief that this country needs independent, publicly financed political parties.

But no, I listened intently to his siren calls and strayed, and now I, like millions of others who trusted him, are relegated to the political sidelines once again. And it is entirely my fault. I gave my loyalty, money and vote willingly, only to discover shortly after, that I was conned, swindled, and wronged, once again.

I’m not alone. Of course, most of us won’t admit it. Denial shields us from the embarrassment of being hoodwinked by yet another smooth-talking charlatan with a Cheshire smile and sparkling teeth; a different colored cat from a younger and brighter generation, but a fraud nonetheless.

Would it have been different had Romney and Ayn Rand disciples made policy? Arguably, not. Romney, a “vulture” capitalist, adept at making money by bankrupting companies, would’ve put his “expertise” to use in destroying social programs. Obama complicit with Republicans and “centrist” Democrats, stole Romney’s health care plan, bailed-out the banks, turned his back on single payer and continually attempts to deconstruct Social Security, moving trillions into private insurance and Wall Street accounts.

Just as Bill Clinton was complicit in doing Citigroup’s bidding that deregulated Wall Street derivatives and damn near destroyed our economy, Obama and his “corporate” Democrats seek to eviscerate our social safety net in the name of contrived deficit “entitlement” reduction. Republicans couldn’t do it alone. It’ll take a (faux) Democratic President and party to sell it. You can’t slide a piece of paper between the two political parties.

As I see it, America’s political parties are a distinction without a difference. The facade of dueling Democrat and Republican is a ruse used by moneyed interests to control the electorate. They’re wholly owned moneyed elites hell-bent on controlling power and profit from private and public coffers. It’s not now, and maybe never was about red or blue, left or right; it’s all about top – down. Sitting high atop the economic ladder, they divvy up the cash among themselves. It’s all about social engineering; it’s all about socioeconomic class.

Drunk with power and facing no opposition from an apathetic, low information electorate, the ruling elites continue to drive a wedge between constituencies, miring us into military conflicts, into hating one another on ethnic, racial, gender, sexual orientation and religious grounds. They shackle us into war, indentured servitude, into debt and impotence. The overlords expertly legislate corporate policies – written by their highly paid lobbyists – and take control over the government. They’ve entrenched their power the old fashioned way: through bribery, corruption, diversion, division, and conquest.

So it’s time to eat some crow. Barack Obama is the best Republican President since Bill Clinton with Hillary chomping at the bit. His re-election turned out to be just another crony capitalist victory over what remains of the middle (working) class. As an electorate, we need to face reality. The fix is in. We live in a capitalist system that is unsustainable, where everything is for sale, democracy not being the exception. The plutocratic, two-party monopoly restricts choice, ensuring that voters, regardless of selection, will end up voting for candidates that promote their wealthy interests.

It’s time for a future to believe in. It’s time for us to endorse independent candidates and parties, recruit at the grassroots level, with the intent of distancing ourselves from entrenched corporate parties. It’s time to regroup and strategize; find and fund real leaders, not political thespians incapable (or unwilling) of acting on fair, democratic, socioeconomic principles and promises.

It’s time to withhold our support from politicians until they’ve passed an independent litmus test, preferably in writing, digitally recorded and (if I had my way) with blood. Pass or fail. No, exceptions. Pass, you get funded, our votes and our support. Fail, we get your first-born and your left(ist) kidney, your (far) right one no doubt withered and worthless from pissing away anything of value.

There are lessons learned from Obama infatuation. One can appreciate, even admire, the power of his persona, but we can no longer consider a politician’s skin color, style over substance, and campaigning over governance skills. We have to become a discriminating (yes, discriminating) electorate. We have to demand public policy over celebrity and politics – leadership over appeasement, qualifications over credentials, honesty over thinly-veiled careerism and corporate corruption. Above all, we must require the courage of action, not beguiling musical oration.

Over the years I’ve settled for Carter, Mondale, Dukakis, “Slick Willie” Bill Clinton, Gore, Kerry, and Obama. No more. I’m done settling. It’s a choice between loyalty and leverage. I choose to get off my knees and help build a leveraged Socialist-leaning constituency against the political elites from both Wall Street political parties. I seek and deserve more. Respectfully, so do you.

As of yesterday, and long overdue, I cut the cord to the DNC controlled Democratic Party. At the Washington state Democratic caucus, I voted for somebody with principles worth supporting; with the power to galvanize INDEPENDENT voices; with the power to mobilize new constituencies rather than capitulating and attempting to convert opposing ones. That’s why I’m supporting Bernie – a SOCIALIST Democrat. I may not agree with all of his domestic and foreign policies but as my wise old Yaqui Nana use to whisper to me in Spanish when I sought more than I hoped for, “Cincuenta por ciento de algo es mejor que 100 por ciento de nada” (fifty percent of something is better than 100% of nothing).

And in the event, Plan A doesn’t come to fruition and Bernie loses the nomination and decides to support Hillary, I’ll go to plan B, vote Green Party and write in Jill Stein for President. Democrats be damned. So, tonight, I’ll reflect on my decision, listen to symphonic compositions, grab a two-finger scotch or a Washington State legal marijuana joint – or both – and purge away the vocal styling and rapture of the “centrist” compositions of Hillary and Obama-Speak.

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