“Looting the Political Left” is part of a collection in “The Church of Federico” a multicultural book of essays examining the duality of the American experience.

Looting the Political Left

“Instead of fighting for the victory that was stolen from him, he praised the people who stole the victory from him. He was afraid to win. He didn’t want to win, and that’s why he’s never questioned his defeat.”

- Dmitry Babich, Political Analyst, Sputnik International, commenting on Bernie’s Sander’s Presidential campaign.


In my attempts to understand the failure of the left to capitalize on the 2016 progressive awakening, I’ve not come across a more concise critique of Bernie Sanders, and by extension his political and social media operatives, faux leftists’ stealthily shepherding disillusioned progressives back into the Democratic Party.

I’ve concluded that the 2016 Democratic Presidential primaries were a monumental political scam, a hustle. The thesis, thereafter was to set-up shell left-leaning organizations designed to regain abandoned progressive voters – while simultaneously picking their pockets of any currency, monetary and political.

The chief looters in the deception are three separate political action committees and organizations whose missions are not at winning elections but instead is aimed at splitting the progressive vote and aborting the birth and growth of viable third parties capable of reigniting the movement and challenging the status quo from outside the political castle.

“Progressive” Looters:

  • Brand New Congress is an American political committee formed by former staffers and supporters of the 2016 Bernie Sanders presidential campaign.
  • Justice Democrats, a political action committee founded by political charlatan Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks and Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk, and former leaders from the 2016 Bernie Sanders presidential campaign.
  • And, of course, Our Revolution, a Social Democratic (cough, cough) political action organization spun out of Sander’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Collectively they claim their mission is to change the Democratic Party from the inside out.  Let that sink in for a moment.  Their purpose is to reform the Democratic Party – and they claim that the best way to accomplish this is by joining the Democratic Party’s efforts in conscripting disheartened progressives back into the terminally diseased body politic.  WTF?  There isn’t an antibiotic known to humanity capable of curing the metastasized political carcinoma that is the Democratic Party.

But Bernie-bros aren’t seeking cures.  Only suckers for what their selling.  They’ve enlisted flimflam artists like Cenk Uygur founder of The Young Turks, and comedian Jimmy Dore of YouTube notoriety. Uygur, a longtime circus ringmaster expert at three-card (media) Monty, and Dore, his clownish lapdog, astute at railing against the duopoly while making sure their social media platforms offer zilch in actionable partisan progressive solutions.

No, these Bernie-Bro cons aren’t about winning elections.  They’re about manufacturing consent.  They’re about controlling the Bernie narrative, primarily by directing air time to fake progressives running as Democrats or to candidates supported and funded by the looter organizations above. They’re about guaranteeing the losing continues.  To these duplicitous, double-dealing opportunists, it’s all about building political media fiefdoms, markets, marketing, and money.  Bombastic bitching sells.  Put a quarter in their machine (subscriptions), and they’ll dance around the social media hot plate for you.  They would triangulate their mothers if it meant position, status, and power.

As to offering solutions.  They don’t have any – by design.

Don’t expect them to turn their attention to Palestinian Human Rights and the Israeli BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanction) movement, or calling out immoral Hollywood and Congressional apartheid supporters and donors. You’ll not hear a whisper about UBI, Universal Basic Income designed to restructure and reallocate money to those living in or near the poverty line.  Never mind discussing at length or interviewing Black Lives Matter, Climate Change, and Immigration activists and issues. Instead, they serve up food fights with brain-addled cousins (Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, et al.) at MSNBC. Classic misdirection aimed at avoiding perceptible progressive activism.

In a different world, they could use their platforms to inspire, persuade and provoke.  They could help with labor, union, campus, and third-party organizing. They could support Green Party registration and fundraising.  But then again, let’s not forget that Bernie had the opportunity to run as a Green but turned his back on the fourth largest political party in the country.  So why should we be surprised that his social media and organizational grifters wouldn’t do the same?  Why risk further empowering a progressive third party that appeared on the ballot in 48 states in the last presidential election.  There’s no need to invest in change when the status quo and to lose proves more profitable.  No, raising the prospect of a third party capable of generating 5% of the vote qualifying it for federal funding and entry into presidential debates changing political discourse would be a threat to Bernie’s Democratic Party’s (and their) sphere of influence and control.

Not to be overlooked is The Sanders Institute, a parasitic 501(c)(3) non-profit “progressive think tank” founded by Dr. Jane O’Meara Sanders and David Driscoll, the wife and stepson of Senator Sanders.  Ballotpedia.org, a non-partisan online political encyclopedia reported that Our Revolution a 501(c)(4) organization funded the organization. Which begs a further question, did surplus money from the Presidential campaign also finance the Institute and employ Bernie’s acolytes.  Hmm?

So let’s zoom out beyond Bernie’s bullshit apparatus – to doing something.

Leftists need to take and not wait for power. They need to explore and invest in alternative sources capable of empowering them to compete in the political process.  They need to join Millennials (largest voting block in the country) in their generational pursuit of making an end run around the traditional electoral establishment that ignores, abuses and denies them access to political power.  Fact, the duopoly is not going to give up their dominant position voluntarily, as witnessed by their planting Bernie as Shepherd.

As it happens, it won’t matter.

Status quo abettors have overplayed their hand. Millennials (and increasingly Leftists) are rapidly becoming monetarily enlightened. They’re building alternative economic and sociopolitical systems destined to grow to parabolic proportions in 2018-19.  Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will fuel and fund the political revolution.  A new power brokering class is emerging.  Billionaire millennials and adherents, free of obligation and loyalty to the time-worn political power structures will supersede the old billionaire order (Soros, Koch Brothers) and gatekeepers. Crypto, as we speak, is leading the world in finance and political activism – shielding progressive activists from nation-state control. As luck would have it, its valuation and adoption are driven by the continued failure of the banking system.

Confidence in the fiat system, contrary to what every corporate news outlet spews out daily, is collapsing, resulting in the breakdown of the nation-state, the central banks, and the fractional reserve money system. The fiat money era is coming to a close; the bond market is in a massive bubble and will crash; property markets are already crashing; and the only remaining assets to buy and invest will be Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, gold, and silver.

We’re witnessing in real time the cataclysmic catastrophe of neoliberalism – and ironically, it leaves the door open for colossal change – to a progressive political party to get to the future first.

As to Bernie, I look at it this way, if you’re in an abusive relationship – you sure in the hell don’t remain in it or support it. You leave. You don’t stick around and seek counsel, comfort, and a shoulder to cry on from the Shepherd who sides with and empowers further the systemic abuser (Democratic Party). Last I checked, Bernie endorsed warmongering Hillary, and still supports American imperialism, the corrupt two party Duopoly, the apartheid Israeli Zionist regime, and working within and for the fraudulent political establishment.

The reality of change is that ambiguity has no place nor currency in the revolution.

At my age and station in life I’m driven to uncover the collaborators in our midst; to illustrate the darkness of the challenge before us.  The truth of the matter is that we can’t defeat the existing political system; we must build a better one instead.

“You never change something by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

- Buckminster Fuller (architect, engineer, writer, inventor, and futurist).

Amen, brother.

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