Off With Their Heads

T he Queen of Chaos is dead.  Politically, speaking.  The only thing left to do – to build a truly progressive agenda – is to decapitate (politically speaking, of course) the remaining members of her royal court.


Collaborators all. I’m looking at you DNC, and the Black Congressional Caucus, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus; the NAACP, the National Council of La Raza, AIPAC, the AFL-CIO, the LGBT groups (especially cheerleader Rachel Maddow), NOW (National Organization of Women), Facebook (Third Party censor), and the entire State Media Colony, Hollywood, Wall Street, the Music Industry, and Obama’s woefully complicit ‘White’ House.

Off with your heads court jesters: Cenk Uygur, Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, Conan O’Brien, Samantha Bee, Van Jones, John Oliver, and the rest of the boot-licking entertainment (LeBron James, Bruce Springsteen, Oprah, and Jay Z & Beyoncé) media tools. Clever by half. You fervently endorsed and promoted a crook, suppressed and ridiculed the legitimacy of stronger Democratic Presidential candidates in exchange for access and cashing corporate capitalist plantation checks. You willingly aligned with the Clinton/Obama Democratic Party’s Wall Street temple, where cash is king and Hillary, was its moneychanger, adept at dispensing loose change, but not beyond cracking an aristocratic whip on disobedient enablers. Apparently, the Democratic Party underestimated the endorsement and star power of Scott (Chachi) Baio.

This election, by any measure, is a failure of conscience and groupthink, a self-inflicted (and avoidable) defeat. Having said that, I want to give thanks. With the election of Donald Trump as President, the neoliberal Clinton/Obama Democratic Party machine is on life support. About damn time. Austerity has a shelf life. Voters deserve better than to live their lives in a political prison without a chance of parole.

And yes, of course, the Republican leper colony is a repulsive frontal lobe gang of racists, and it would stretch the capacity of human imagination to believe otherwise. But the reality is ‘they’ won. Demos lost. And for all the bereavement, anger, crying and finger pointing, Demos have nobody to blame but themselves. They chose to pledge blind allegiance to a corrupt and toxic political party and system.

When political murder, or as in this case suicide, is committed, the common protocol is to perform an autopsy of the – ‘body politic’ – to determine a cause of death. Anatomically, as expected, but not always the case, the political, organizational physique has a head and heart. And, not to be ignored, especially in this election, distinct shades of melanin.

First, the head. The brain trust of the Democratic Party failed to put forward a stronger candidate that polled, by some estimates, 24 points higher against the carnival barking Republican nominee. So confident were they that their corporate shill, with greedy banksters, loyal women, corrupt unions, & co-opted minority constituencies, could and would trounce the bellicose Republican vulgarian, that they arrogantly chose to dismiss nearly 50% of voting age independents and progressives seeking a voice (people, peace & planet over profits) within the Democratic Party. Instead, they sabotaged the election of an insurgent and stronger primary opponent (Bernie Sanders), and in the process alienated highly motivated segments of their liberal constituency that didn’t vote or voted Third Party (including voting for Trump). Let them eat cake.

Secondly, the heart. SURPRISE! The body politic has none.

“I’m presumin’ that I could be kind-a-human, if I only had a heart.” Wizard of Oz Tin Man song lyric.

The Democratic Party leadership, in search of moral imperatives, are like the Tin Woodman in the Wizard of Oz. Pewter dunces collectively high stepping and clicking their heels down the yellow (gold) brick road – wishing for a coronary transplant which would make them kind-of-human and endear them to clueless (Dorothy), the brainless (Scarecrow), and the Cowardly (Lion). Feel free to insert your place in the analogy. Well, we’re not in Kansas, anymore, people. In reality, the Democratic leadership is merely a group of actors manipulated by the Wizard (corporations) behind the curtain. In this movie (election), there’s no empathy for the crestfallen.

As for melanin, who are we kidding? Dog whistle ‘Black Lives Matter’ and you’ve got 40% of the voting electorate in your pocket. Trump may not have had the support of establishment Republican donors, but he didn’t need it. He had white human capital, all across rural (Clinton’s NAFTA job-killing) parts of the country. All that he had to do to win the election was to do what he does best. Avoid issues and act the fool. The media loves buffoons. They knocked down his door and plastered his face on TV to the tune of 4 billion dollars of free advertising. As for Hillary, well, her track record on incarcerating black and brown people, deporting immigrants, and knocking women (mostly women of color) off welfare assistance did not play well with informed progressive voters. “You can fool some of the people some of the time…”

Sure, Trump is a con. But the truth of the matter is that Obama was as well. He won with the Black vote, with lies (hope and change), a Cheshire grin and banksters. He’s no less an economic grifter, than Trump. The Trump election is a direct repudiation of the Clinton and Obama’s legacy; their failed domestic and foreign policies, the Wall Street bailout, climate change lip service, a worsening predatory healthcare plan, corporate job-killing trade deals, wage inequality, corporate corruption, endless wars, and the militarization of police forces to control the disenfranchised segments of society.

The irony, of course, is that Clinton and Obama in no small part helped engineer the new Jim Crow – debt. And speaking of debt, the Clinton Foundation is heavily indebted to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman & assorted corporate and Israeli billionaires. Given Hillary didn’t deliver, she may soon have to seek asylum, at the risk of swimming with the fishes. Although I hear Syria and President Bashar as-Assad might welcome her with open (ahem) arms. It’s also worth noting the irony that Trump hijacked the populist discontent and furor created by the Democrat’s laissez-faire economic policies, and ratcheted up race baiting to galvanize his bigoted base and the ignored working class. As for Hillary, she came across as Clinton/Obama 2.0. She just simply ran out of people to lie to. Bill and Barack had emptied the tank.

So, what’s in store for us? Unity? Healing? Oh, hell no. Buckle up. It’s going to get ugly.

To be certain, there will be blood. This election has given license to whites to marginalize further and kill people of color. And make no mistake it will be met with a counter-revolutionary force. Hopefully, a peaceful one. But initially, I dread, blood will be spilled on both sides. A viable Third Party, most likely the Libertarians and Green Party will emerge as viable alternatives to the status quo. And therein lies hope for a one term Trump presidency. The Democratic Party, as configured, is impotent. No amount of blue (pills) will erect it. Although it won’t stop Slick Willie from trying.  The Republican Party is already fractured and delusional. The Third Parties will eschew politics as usual and demand political leverage over political Party loyalty. They will become with the infusion of the exponentially growing number of Blacks, Latinos, and millennials each year, the new post-capitalist political kingmakers. You can take that to the bank.

Oh, and one more thing. We can expect interest rates, gold, and bitcoin to go higher. Initially, stocks, bonds, and the dollar are going to go higher the first year before crashing. I suggest reallocating your 401K – if you’re lucky to have one.

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