Excerpts from this, and other multicultural inspired essays can be viewed in their entirety in “Escaping Culture: Finding Your Place in the World” available at TheBookPatch.com. Video trailer can currently be viewed at: http://youtu.be/XczTUulpVKk.

The Baker Within Us

I’m a slice of marbled bread, surrounded by white loaves, captive in a baker’s rack, waiting to be displayed in the storefront counter.

“Whiteness” in the appetite of man eludes and, at times, overwhelms me.  Embedded in every conceivable medium, archived for posterity, true or not.

Its myths secure, legends immortalized, legacies glorified.

What about the rye and pumpernickel among us?  Does not our past, our presence, deserve a place at the banquet table?  By omission, we have gone missing.  Null and void.  Abandoned to maintain a color coded status-quo.

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