An Elaborate Hustle

How many of you watch The Young Turks (TYT)?


Sorry, you’ve been played.  Unless of course, you insist on getting news analysis from yet another assemblage of self-appointed “progressive activists” interpreting left leaning political discourse.

TYT is headed by Cenk Uygur, a controversial, political charlatan with a history of contradictory social and fiscal conservative positions on affirmative action, feminism, corporatism, abortion, welfare, and student debt cancellation.  He, with all the behavioral, social markers typically attributed to impetuous, spoiled children – dollar-drenched arrogance, eye rolling sarcasm, yelling, and stomping of feet.  Contrary to TYT’s claim that they’re young, progressive, and insurgent – arguably, they’re not.  No matter, the tagline looks good on millennial t-shirts.

Nothing new to see here. Except maybe comedian Jimmy Dore, whose occasional tirades laced with everyman sensibilities makes sense of political absurdity, including challenging the rationality, acumen, and judgment of his boss and more credentialed cohorts.

Comprised of an assortment of marketing, academic, comedic, and media professionals (I use the term loosely), whom collectively, and I submit contemptuously speak down to their audience in insufferably dismissive and condescending tones, TYT claims to express and represent politically progressive perspectives.  And to be fair they do give lip service to a host of socially liberal viewpoints.  But here’s the rub. They bitch by design, cleverly avoiding actually building a movement outside the clutches of the corrupt Democratic Party establishment.  By motive and content they no more speak truth to power or exemplify genuine progressive voices than does the thoroughly discredited corporate DNC. They’ve opportunistically filled a vacuum and morphed into the latest media incarnation and recruitment tool of the Democrat Party ruling class.

Adroitly, the network which previously hitched its wagon to Bernie Sanders when he appeared to have a chance to win, then switched to Hillary when she seemed a sure bet to win, now once again supports the Benedict Arnold of radical progressivism, Bernie Sanders. Never mind that both TYT and New Hampshire’s Double Agent betrayed progressive causes. Covertly, they’re running the same scam again.

I stopped buying TYT bullshit once it became apparent to me that they adopted Bernie’s shepherding blueprint. They’ve morphed from prosaic political discourse to blabbering counterfeit progressives, to whining centrists, and back again to phony reformism – all the while masquerading as independent-minded activists. Got to give it to them, they astutely follow market trends and are adept at slithering imperceptibly to revenue generating political environments and opportunities. They’re reptilian, I mean chameleon, if nothing else.

Trump winning has opened the door for Cenk’s latest embodiment, a bootlicking MSNBCesque channel for disillusioned Berniecrats and Independents. Cenk is so giddy at grabbing Bernie’s aggrieved minions he’s wetting his donkey embroidered, gold-threaded underpants. Never let a crisis go to waste. Rahm Emanuel, a fellow authoritarian, spin doctor and master manipulator, would be proud.

Ever the hucksters, TYT is now e-begging for donations (Cha Ching!) from a DATABASE of conformists that Bernie built on false promises and betrayal. Not even Rahm had the hutzpah (cojones) to publicly solicit cash directly.  Cenk, on the other hand, doesn’t let optics get in the way.  Say what you will about this social media con artist, the guy has got some giant-sized Turkish (meat)balls.  Principles?  Not so much.  Profit motive.  You bet.  He’s a corporatist lawyer, after all.

Oh sure, TYT will rail (they call it investigative journalism) against the oligarchy, all the while Cenk is vertically marketing and promoting corporate media & political entities – but don’t kid yourself, TYT and Bernie are capitalists to the bone.  We’re witnessing a dog and pony show.  They’re riding a wave, and they intend to cash in. What? Haven’t you bought Bernie’s Our Revolution (you know, the rebellion he abandoned) book, yet? Haven’t you donated to Wolf PAC, Cenk’s campaign finance reform political action committee with questionable salary and direct political action expenditure distribution?

So, don’t act surprised when TYT continues to support repackaged Demos like Tulsi Gabbard, Keith Ellison, and hand-picked acolytes. But don’t count on them endorsing or supporting independent third parties. Their job is to siphon activists away from them. They’ll stick to the low hanging fruit and leave the heavy lifting to independent political party advocates.

Moreover, don’t count on TYT becoming more inclusive and diverse. That would play against white political autonomy (yes men) and purpose. People of color would be more inclined to question direction, privilege, intention, and governance. So don’t expect to see black or brown faces in this high place YouTube media outlet. No room for opposing progressive voices, forums, guests, viewpoints, content and contributors.

Inclusiveness must be pervasive if one claims progressiveness. If differing views are filtered or skewed, or for that matter, rarely if ever allowed to be expressed, then what makes this media network any different than Fox or MSNBC or the rest of the main street media?

So, yeah go ahead and donate – but be forewarned, TYT is playing you – just as Bernie did. Same game plan, with another duplicitous twist. They’ll fill their coffers and donate databases for the next four years, building their respective corporate and political empires, and double down and support the oligarchy, duopoly, and the corporate Democratic political party they know damn well is dead. But don’t despair Berniecrats, when the next election comes around you can rest assured that Cenk and Bernie will be manning the gateways and charging admission to the “new” Democratic Party.

I look at it this way, if you’re in an abusive relationship – you sure in the hell don’t stay in it. You leave. You don’t stick around and seek counsel, comfort, and a shoulder to cry on from the mediator (Bernie/TYT) who sides with and empowers further the abuser (Democratic Party). Last I checked, Cenk endorsed Wall Street, warmongering Hillary, and Bernie is still supporting the corrupt two party Duopoly, the apartheid Israeli Zionist regime, and working within and for the fraudulent Democratic Party. Good luck with that.

I suggest you get a (paper) receipt with your donation. You’re going to want a refund.

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