white lie

white lie

No, not that one.  This one.

 white lie


As a person-of-color (PoC), I’ve searched for racial clarity throughout my lifetime – only to discover ambiguity in its place.

I found out that being too analytical is often a way of avoiding the obvious. I inexplicably accepted as true the false premise that discussions about race, ethnicity, and identity centered on “whiteness.” Seemingly, all debates and considerations led to white color, conscience, and culture.

Moreover, when I narrowed my premise and vision to those (whites) formerly holding dominion over me, I in point of fact bolstered their misconceptions and ruling authority.  My loyalty and pursuit of reason and objectivity were misplaced.  Regrettably, I should have realized this sooner.  The discovery has led to racial and cultural sobriety.

Racial distinction is not abstract. It’s not theoretical. The concept that race determines human traits, capacities and POWER is not a brown or black construct. Rather a white one. They created, shaped, and promoted a preferential gift (scheme) that keeps on giving.

I get it, now.  Having survived it.

I realize, of course, that power belongs to no one group of people.  Fidelity is fickle.  I understand that adjudication belongs to those capable of seizing, controlling and wielding it to their advantage. The intention and consequences are the same, the attainment of authority to influence one’s people, society, and conformity to others.  However, while power may be impartial – man’s assignment of color as master, is not.

Arguably, in today’s white-dominated America, power is derived less from a legacy of brute force and violence, and more from a more muscular, malevolent source – language.  If one controls the language, one controls the narrative. And if one controls the narrative, one controls the message and the masses. It’s no accident that an authoritarian WHITE political and media establishment creates the code words that formulate LANGUAGE.  Pernicious parlance is putty in the hands of the ruling class and can be molded into LIES, or worse, into LAW.

Think of it, this way.  When imbued with something desirable (superiority, patriotism, freedom, religion, etc.) language becomes sermon. It’s capable of transcending culture, class, race, gender, even political parties.  It engages us intellectually, viscerally, emotionally.  It dances with us, romances us and ultimately, as it’s designed to do; it either inspires or enervates us.  In the passionate oration, it becomes melodic, gospel; a hymn, a messianic mantra intended to sway and persuade the congregation and lure the agnostic among us.

Language has the power to pierce through rational thought, values and behavior.  It can make us do something that is not always agreeable.  Like accepting LIES; the premise that whiteness is the be-all, end-all of human existence, and the frame of reference from which all race and ethnicity are compared and measured.

More than ever, it has fallacious intent.  It’s embedded in every conceivable medium, archived for posterity, true or not.  Its myth secure; its legends immortalized, its legacies glorified.  It’s designed to re-script white history, censor exploitation, embellish accomplishment, and preserve the status quo.

I am of the opinion to liberate ourselves from whiteness we must purge the hierarchic racial premise from our mindset, and reduce the word “white” to a parable.  Technically, (and biologically) whites aren’t white.  White is the absence of color.  You can’t mix colors to create white.  Consequently, whites collectively and correctly should be categorized as Uncolored (UC).  How pallid pastiness ever translated to stratified entitlement, confounds me.  However, preservation and perpetuation of the fraud, don’t.

Unrelentingly, the Uncolored (UC), akin to the zombie-like fervor of the Undead, have incessantly attacked PoC’s very human existence.  The preferred weapon of choice has, and continues to be the language of LIES. From every media outlet, 24/7, PoC are bombarded with demonic deceit and FICTION, i.e. who’s beautiful, who’s compassionate, who’s smarter, and most reprehensibly the inference of – who isn’t.  PoC are reduced to aliens, indolent, and beastly caricatures – distinctly, not of the Uncolored (UC) world.  Admiration of bronze skin is reserved only when adorned on the “tanned” bodies of Barbie and Ken (or in repressed closeted fantasies).

Regrettably, most people-of-color have spent a lifetime viewing identity through a prism of whiteness. Whiteness is neither a designation nor a destination to be coveted.  PoC should re-calibrate their worldview and look at the world through the premise of a different colored lens – their own. I contend that by refusing to accept the “white” distinction and the privileges associated with it, PoC can take the steps towards rendering it powerless (over them).  And that discovery has brought me clarity.  I believe PoC should create their hierarchy – free from Undead influence. I think PoC should unapologetically view whites as unexceptionally, Uncolored.

All I am saying is if you refute the word, you repudiate the mythology. 

Of course, it’s provocative.  It’s meant to be.   It’s intended to change the conversation, and viewpoints on racial paradigms – and all the entitlements subjectively assigned and bequeathed to the white word (and their world).  And if you think semantics a linguistic contrivance and futile, I would remind you, how effectively a few words changed discourse and morphed into movements.

Si Se Puede.  Yes, We Can.   Black Lives Matter.  Occupy Wall Street.  Feel the Bern.  DREAMers

Yes, but this will never catch on, you scoff.  Maybe, maybe not.  But you’d be missing the point.  “White power” as it turns out, is merely a propaganda machine – one that can be turned on or off if one desiresCertitude doesn’t have to be amplified universally to be real.   It need only exist in the mind. Consciousness is more powerful than any assemblage, faction or group – or contrived societal message.

So, listen up PoC – I’m here to tell you that you’re beautiful, compassionate and smart – even, or especially those of you who are damn near colorless (I kid, of course).  But we accept you, no questions asked.  Why?  Because we don’t claim to be what we aren’t, “white” and delusional.  We’re people-of-color.  Reality not fiction.

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