Women’s March on Washington – Alternative Facts

As impressive as the Women’s March on Washington seemed – it wasn’t organic or an inspired grassroots movement. Democratic Party establishment brokers astroturfed it.

Women's March Washington

Funded by the DNC and George Soros, promoted by corporate moveon.org, and organized by the usual corporate Democratic Party lackeys (Debbie Wasserman Schultz, America Ferrera, Van Jones, Gloria Steinem, et al.). Its objective was not so much a movement against Trump as it was another political ploy in shepherding a major traditional constituency from bolting and seeking representation outside the Democratic Party tent.

Virtually every speaker at the Washington D.C. event was a Hillary surrogate ranting aspersions (well-deserved) about Trump. But as with all constituencies when they lose, honest introspection, the key to the integrity and credible direction of any movement, was nowhere to be heard. Better to rap and drop a mic rather than address “alternative facts” about their failed campaign and candidate and face the reality that a lot of women not marching voted for Trump despite his reprehensible nature. Truth, it seems, from both political parties, is vastly overrated.

The fact is Hillary was a perceptibly flawed presidential candidate with adversarial political policies and history (not to be confused with rhetoric) harmful to women, Democracy, and all humanity. Including Wall Street collaboration, muscled war-mongering foreign policies, pro fracking agenda, primary election voter suppression, Presidential debate reduction, super delegate cronyism, resistance to a living wage, welfare assistance opposition, promotion of immigration deportations and the corporate incarceration industry, cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid (Obama’s grand bargain) designed to abandon the sick, poor, elderly, and children. And let’s not forget her support for oil pipelines and turning her back on indigenous people, and of course, her support for the continued hemorrhaging of U.S. jobs and wages via NAFTA and a host of other international trade deals.

No, this was a Democratic Party women’s bonding March. But it’s easy to preach to the choir. Here’s the thing, though. Women aren’t monolithic. Especially white women whose current and future prospects are tethered to their bread-winning white husbands. The election voting results confirmed as much. The March wasn’t so much about righteousness as it was an exoneration of a deceitfully false feminine icon, her cash-checking organizational acolytes, policies, and political party. It was an attempt by co-opted women (and men) in high places that have skin in the game (money, position, and power) to retain job security and maintain the status quo. What the March failed to acknowledge, let alone concede is if one expects reformation, it must be preceded by self-reform. It begins with draining your political swamp first.

As a person-of-color I’ve seen this act before. Throughout my lifetime the bourgeoisie Black, Brown and Berniecrat misleadership class has obsequiously collaborated with the ruling class elites to keep and control their respective flocks inside the duopoly. The lesson to be learned from this latest “populist” gathering is that loyalty is a manipulatively useful tool for the shepherd but shouldn’t be overvalued by sheep; that parasites (Hillary/Trump) can’t survive without a host (fraudulently compliant political parties). If women (irrefutably aggrieved) truly seek a strategy capable of opposing Trump and the ruling class, they must escape the Democratic Party machine. Only leverage by third parties will get you a seat at the table, not fidelity to a corrupt political system that blatantly and shamelessly trades people and principles for profit. And as long as women remain captive to the crooked duopoly and single constituency identity politics, the longer they will continue to remain on the oligarchy menu.

Bon appetit.

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